Fine Art Restoration

Fine art restoration involves a painstaking process in order to protect and restore your investment in beauty and artistic excellence. Gallery de Boer (519) 376-7914, can help you with your restoration needs. Our own art restoration expert will create a specific plan for restoring value to your treasured collectibles and fine art works.

Fine Art Restoration At Gallery de Boer

A restoration project mid-way through

Gallery de Boer – Fine Art  has always had clients whose needs include fine art restoration.

Paintings will age, get layered with grime from the environment, rip, crack or otherwise degrade. Similarly, frames are subject to damage and dirt and need restoration.

These conditions demand expert fine art restoration. You can recapture the values of your treasured work of art.

Environmental damage and airborne pollutants are the prime offenders in damaging fine art objects. Collectable natural history objects can also require expert restoration skills.

Gallery de Boer has been involved in heritage art restoration for some time, with clients that include many private collectors and institutional clients. The Gallery’s work has included architectural detailing restoration, murals, other paintings and icons.

Contact us at Gallery de Boer – Fine Art & Jazz in downtown Owen Sound, Ontario Canada with your restoration needs and we will create a specific plan for restoring value to your treasured collectibles and fine art works.


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