Evaluation of your art collection is important. Gallery de Boer – Fine-Art (519) 376-7914, offers extensive art evaluation for Buying / Selling/ Insuring art. We photograph, make a record, write a description, and find the hidden value in your precious art finds. Contact us with your appraisal needs.

Over the years you have carefully built your art collection. You’ve added pieces because you like the artist or you love a particular piece. You may know what you paid for those wonderful pieces years ago but what are they worth today?

There are several reasons to get your art collection evaluated.


Insurance companies are very leery about paying claims for art. Art is subjective and just because you loved a particular piece, doesn’t mean it was valuable. And unlike other products, the age of the object doesn’t necessarily equate to the value.

In the event of a fire, flood or theft, insurance companies can take a long time to pay out on loss of artwork. Before they will pay, they will want to determine the value of the damaged or stolen artworks. This process can be a long one if done after the fact. In some cases it may be impossible.

However, having a professional appraisal of your work makes the process much easier. The insurance company knows the original condition of the artwork, who was the artist and what market value. Having this information will allow them to pay out claims much easier.

Are You Planning to Sell?

While you may know what you paid many years ago, you don’t necessarily know what your collection is worth today. If you are planning to sell some or part of your collection, it pays to know the current market value of your collection.

Having a professional evaluation of your collection ensures you get a fair price when you sell.

How Gallery de Boer Appraises Your Art Collection

At Gallery de Boer we do a thorough evaluation of your collection. We photograph each piece so there’s a record of what you own. Then we complete a written description of the artwork. This may include the size, the condition, the medium, the frame and the image portrayed.

Next we include a brief biography of the artist. For well known artists this is a simple process. For lesser known artists we may have to do some digging.

Finally, we compare your artwork with similar pieces by the same artist. We search through auction records and databases to see what similar works by the same artist have sold for. After all this work, we come up with a value for your piece.

Is Your Collection Too Large to Bring In?

If you have a large art collection, don’t worry about trying to bring it to us. We are fully bonded and make house calls. We can inspect and photograph your collection in your home so you don’t need to disrupt your home.

Call us today to arrange your evaluation.

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