Chipix, Edgar

Edgar Nehemías Chipix Coc

At the age of 24, self-taught artist Edgar Chipix had a dream that revealed to him a way of painting in a surrealist style. Immediately, he began to create unusual paintings that captivated a new audience.

Chipix was born in a small village near Antigua, Guatemala called Santiago Zamora which is part of San Antonio Aguas Calientes. His talent and love of art was noticed and encouraged by his family since the age of four and a decision was made to support Edgar as an artist. The artist’s father, Julian Chipix Lopez, in particular helped his son cultivate the capacity to think, to dream, and to create without conventional limits.

In the beginning Chipix drew with pencil and crayons. When he began to study in school at the age of 7, foreign visitors took notice of his talent and dedication to art and they encouraged him to continue. The visitors often gave him sets of oil paints and brushes with small canvases and he began to experiment with oils. Chipix developed his style and designs through many hours in his studio and with the help of his dreams.

Chipix has had solo exhibitions at Galería Panza Verde in Antigua, Guatemala, and has participated in group shows in Guatemala, Australia and the United States. His work can be found in private collections in Guatemala, the U.S., Spain, Holland, Australia, Canada and Switzerland.