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#Selfie by Keira McArthur

Gallery de Boer – Fine Art is pleased to showcase the exhibition ‘Selfie’ by Keira McArthur on display in the main gallery from June 20th – August 1st.

This exhibit follows Keira’s journey as she explores her own discomfort in the growing popularity of the ‘selfie’ movement on social media sites.  Keira states “I squirm when I see people of all ages and stages of like taking solo selfies and posting them, in all their vulnerability.  I see awkwardness, pain, sadness, exhaustion, lack of self-awareness, longing – all of which I have personally experienced in my own life.”

The exhibit features a variety of paintings of Keira’s hands and figure in a variety of poses. She feels she needs to face her own discomfort and discover a sense of self.  She has set 5 rules for her ‘Selfie Pilgrimage’ including posting photos of herself on social media sites, generate discussions about the selfie practice, paint as she explores deeper into her own thoughts, and finally, write and perform music that relates directly to the work.

There will also be a booklet accompanied with the show that will showcase Keira’s entire ‘Selfie’ journey.  The booklet will compile the social media comments and discussions, the selfie images, and the discoveries she makes as she embarks on an awkward yet redeeming experience.

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Gallery de Boer - Fine Art is a unique Owen Sound art gallery which aims to display an array of quality regional, national and international artwork.

The current exhibit offers a unique display of 20 artists showcasing over 200 magnificent art works ranging from abstract, impressionism and sculpture.

Explore the new “Gallery Collection” wing that features unique original artwork from artists such as George Thomson, Flo Campbell, Horace Vick, Carl Beam, Harold Klunder, Paul Rodrik, John Joy, Robert Markle and many others.

As you walk through the gallery your senses will be enticed with every turn, capturing glimpses of bold colours and thought provoking subject matter.


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