DARK NIGHT BRIGHT MOON – Art by Jennifer Darragh

Jennifer Darragh’s paintings are a very personal evocation of the often dark world she inhabits – a world of alcoholism, abuse and life on the street. Born in Gloucester, Ontario into a fairly prosperous, middle-class family, Jennifer first experienced sexual abuse as a child of five, and had her first introduction to alcohol in her teens. Jennifer remembers painting even as a child and adolescent and has produced art throughout her life, but the paintings in this exhibition are all new works, having been painted within a few months of each other. They range in feeling from despair, fear, alienation and loneliness to moments of hope, survival, spirituality and joy of life. Jennifer navigates the legacy of substance, sexual and physical abuse and their outcomes: anxiety, depression, PTSD, and BPD (borderline personality disorder), and paints as a way to express her feelings about her experiences, relationships and current state of mind. She has said that, “The reason I paint about the streets and the mentally handicapped is because I’m one of them. I give them a voice, and the recognition they deserve.” Dark Night Bright Moon is a joint presentation of Gallery de Boer Fine Art and the Owen Sound Artists’ Co-op, and can be viewed from January 3 to January 30 in the Legacy Gallery at the Artists’ Co-op, 942 2nd Avenue E.