A Variety of Sculptures on Display

At Gallery de Boer we have a variety of sculptures on display ranging from bronzes, soapstone, clay and pottery pieces.

Beautifully crafted bronzes showcase the elegance of wildlife in finely detailed sculptures created by artists such as Robert Bateman and R.S Parker.

We also showcase many soapstone pieces that capture the unique lifestyle of the Inuit people from Cape Dorset, Nunavut. These soapstone carvings depict the wildlife commonly found in the Arctic along with traditional hunting methods and modes of transportation.

Lesley McInally at Gallery de BoerCeramic artist Lesley McInally creates one-of-a-kind vessels that are both functional and sculptural. Her inspiration comes from the landscape, seascapes and historical monuments.

Come take a look at the unique sculptures at Gallery de Boer and find the perfect piece to add to your personal art collection!